Eyeliners- Every eye has its fair line

The eye liner is a cosmetic used fo centuries from the Egyptians, men and women. The pharaohs of antic Egypt emphasized their eyes, arriving over the limit of the eyelid. This kind of makeup was used to distinguish them from the people and gave them the the allure of elegance and refinement. It seems they were inspired by the cats, sacred animal for the pharaohs.


Originally this products was not used for esthetics, but was placed for hygienic purposes and health of the eyes, as a protection from eye infections. It was a mixture of galena, malachite and sulfur, with the addition of animal fat to mix the powders.

In the previous decennia until nowadays, the eyeliner is a cosmetic used to define a memorable look. Hollywood divas and other celebrities made it as their own style. Do you remember Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Ava Garner.

The Egyptians were right referring to a feline look, because experts speak exactly about cat eye.

The makeup artists give an important advice: every eye has its own line. In fact the eyeliner magnifies the eye and makes the face more elegant, but be careful to respect the face lines and the eyes shape.

If the eyes are small, the line should be thin, starting from the middle section of the eye to finish with a flick stretched upward. If they are big, the line should be thick, defining all the eye line, or just the upper part, or just the lower part. The flick should go downwards.

The formulations of eyeliner currently on the market are:
1) Liquid, to be applied with the brush; it is a texture not recommended for beginners because it is difficult to apply.
2) Cream , allows you to vary the thickness of the line .
3) Pen, offers a precise line , very easy to apply .
4) Pencil, easy to apply .

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